Unsuccessful online dating stories

Dating Horror Stories I’m interested in hearing people’s online dating horror stories.

I think we might pick out a pattern in what to watch out for and what to avoid when dating online.Bad Online Dating Stories To get things started, let me relate several short online dating stories that I’ve learned either from friends or from reading about the internet dating scene.I’ve never had the really crazy personal online date or online relationship, but that’s probably because I practice all the dating tips I preach and therefore have kind of weeded out most of the real crazies from my online dating life.Still, online dating is like practicing safe sex: you can do everything right and it’s not going to work 100% of the time.Sure, that was supposedly in the past, but her family wasn’t in the past.

Just like the girlfriend, her entire family lived in the area.

She had two suspicious brothers and a sister who was always butting in.

This might have been understandable if this was just concern about their sister meeting some stranger and moving in with him immediately.

So with that rather graphic image in your mind, let’s move on to the online dating horror stories.

Online Dating Horror Story #1 – The Felonious Girlfriend I knew a guy (Kevin) who met a girl online who actually lived within 40 minutes of him.

They started chatting online and really hit it off.