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DAPHNE was a Naiad-nymph of the river Ladon of Arkadia or the Peneios (Peneus) in Thessalia.

She was loved by the god Apollon who pursued her until she grew exhausted and cried out to Gaia (Gaea) for help.

The goddess transformed into a laurel tree which Apollon then adopted as his sacred plant.

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This rite would suggest that the Thessalian version of the Daphne myth was the oldest.The Delphians also had a closely related myth about a certain Daphnis who they describe as the Oreiad-nymph prophetess of Gaia at the shrine before Apollon assumed control. § 3) she was an Oreas and an ancient priestess of the Delphic oracle to which she had been appointed by Ge. 66) describes her as the daughter of Teiresias, who is better known by the name of Manto. 15.) She was extremely beautiful and was loved and pursued by Apollo. "From the elegiac poems of Diodoros of Elaia [unknown date] and the twenty-fifth book of Phylarkhos (Phylarchus) [Greek historian C3rd B.DAPHNE (Daphnê), a fair maiden who is mixed up with various traditions about Apollo. She was made prisoner in the war of the Epigoni and given as a present to Apollo. When on the point of being overtaken by him, she prayed to her mother, Ge, who opened the earth and received her, and in order to console Apollo she created the ever-green laurel-tree (daphnê), of the boughs of which Apollo made himself a wreath. C.] : This is how the story of Daphne, the daughter of Amyklas (Amyclas), is related.A third Daphne is called a daughter of the rivergod Ladon in Arcadia by Ge (Paus. Another story relates that Leucippus, the son of Oenomaüs, king of Pisa, was in love with Daphne and approached her in the disguise of a maiden and thus hunted with her. She used never to come down into the town, nor consort with the other maidens; but she got together a large pack of hounds and used to hunt, either in Lakonia (Laconia), or sometimes going into the further mountains of the Peloponnese.But Apollo's jealousy caused his discovery during the bath, and he was killed by the nymphs. For this reason she was very dear to Artemis, who gave her the gift of shooting straight.

On one occasion she was traversing the country of Elis, and there Leukippos (Leucippus), the son of Oinomaus (Oenomaus), fell in love with her; he resolved not to woo her in any common way, but assumed women's clothes, and, in the guise of a maiden, joined her hunt.

And it so happened that she very soon became extremely fond of him, nor would she let him quit her side, embracing him and clinging to him at all times.

But Apollon was also fired with love for the girl, and it was with feelings of anger and jealousy that he saw Leukippos always with her; he therefore put it into her mind to visit a stream with her attendant maidens, and there to bathe.

On their arrival there, they all began to strip; and when they saw that Leukippos was unwilling to follow their example, they tore his clothes from him: but when they thus became aware of the deceit he had practiced and the plot he had devised against them, they all plunged their spears into his body. Leukippos (Leucippus) fell in love with Daphne, but despaired of winning her to be his wife by an open courtship, as she avoided all the male sex.

He, by the will of the gods, disappeared; but Daphne, seeing Apollon advancing upon her, took vigorously to flight; then, as he pursued her, she implored Zeus that she might be translated away from mortal sight, and she is supposed to have become the bay tree which is called "The Ladon [of Arkadia (Arcadia)] is the most lovely river in Greece, and is also famous for the legend of Daphne that the poets tell . The following trick occurred to him by which to get her.

Leukippos was growing his hair long for the river Alpheios (Alpheus).