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The video is described on Youtube - where it has had 190,000 views - thus: 'This is what happens when you send a beautiful, body-painted girl on a sunny Friday afternoon stroll down one of the busiest streets of the posh and fashionable area Frederiksberg.''My producer Stine Stahr came up with this great idea.

The exact content of the show has yet to be revealed, but I can say that we want people to date in a new and fair way where the focus is on the personality - not looks, appearance or personal branding.

This castile soap spray is great because you can easily clean multiple surfaces with it from fabric to fixtures!

You can easily rinse away the soap without worrying about harming plants or waterways.

It's also very safe and gentle on the skin, so no worries about harmful chemicals. This recipe makes 8 ounces, so multiply the ingredient amounts as needed to fit the size of your spray bottle.

Scent this cleaner as you please with all-natural essential oils and keep a few bottles of it around the house to grab when you need them. If you don't wish to customize the spray with your own essential oils, simply omit the essential oils or try a scented castile soap, such as one of those mentioned in "Top Castile Soaps for Green Cleaning." How does this cleaner work?

The castile soap acts as a surfactant allowing dirt and oils to be lifted and rinsed away.

And most people on Linked In — and at work — want to be judged first as professionals.

People don’t generally want colleagues assessing their attractiveness or sizing them up as a potential date.Most people want colleagues to be thinking about their competence, not whether they might want to make out with you.Plus, while it’s certainly true that many people find romance at work or among work contacts, that doesn’t mean that you should actively try to cultivate it there.Also, the essential oils add powerful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal qualities to your all-purpose cleaner, so it's great at combatting germs and mold while you clean!Tips: Note: If you have castile soap in bar form, you can grate it and dissolve it in water to use it in place of the liquid castile soap; however, I find it messy and time consuming so I prefer purchasing ready-made liquid soaps. It is important that you use essential oils safely.If you get essential oils in your eyes, flush with water for 10-15 minutes. If you get essential oils on your skin, wash with soapy warm water.