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Katie here with a very exciting vlog for you- I spent a weekend at Space Camp at the U. The adult program is super convenient – starting on Friday afternoons and running through Sunday mornings.

I knew growing up that you could go to Space Camp as a kid, but I didn’t realize there are several age groups available, right up to adult!

On Friday, our nine-person team (Team Columbia) got to know each other and then jumped right into training for our first mission!

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My first role was that of the EECOM, or Electrical, Environmental, and Consumables Manager.

After a brief dinner break in the cafeteria, we started our mission. We then built our model rockets and came up with a team patch, which you can see at the end of the video.

At the end of the day, we retired to Habitat One, which looks a lot like a space station to me. After breakfast, we started training for our Bravo Mission.

The objective was the same as our Alpha Mission, but the roles had been changed.

This time, I was the pilot and got to sit in the Enterprise.

I have never seen so many buttons and switches in my life!After our mission, we got to take a tour of the Davidson center, where one of our tour guides was a scientist who helped design the Saturn V moon rocket.We also saw Journey to Space in the IMAX theater, looked around the traveling exhibit and the rides outside, and completed a team-building ropes course. He wants to attend the all kids camp, so my husband and I would drive him down and hang out in town for the week.As the ever-growing popularity of Comic-Con attests, kid stuff isn’t just for kids anymore, so it’s no surprise that summer camps for grownups are thriving.An estimated one million adults are attending camp each year, according to Tom Holland of the American Camp Association.