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I found that cell biology was an interdisciplinary undertaking: today you need a foundation in chemistry, physics and even IT to be at the forefront in this subject.

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The answer is that I wanted to make sure that I had chosen the right subject and the right place before embarking on a course of study that would involve many years of my life.

The one-year gap has also given me time to work with the local Natural History Society: we take families on Sunday trips to the nearby National Park to help create awareness about environmental issues.

I have also been a member and organizer of the Explain the reasons for any unusual features of your career (taking a year out, poor performance, etc.).

Include social and extracurricular activities to show balance in your life or because they are relevant to the course.

The following is a shortened sample SOP (with technical details removed.) Expert comments at the end of the paragraphs point out important features.

After one year's work experience as a research technician at , I felt I should gain some practical experience working in a research environment to gain first-hand knowledge of what the life of a research scientist entails.I have loved every minute of my work: especially the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge projects and discuss ideas with senior biologists.I soon realized that, although I enjoy handling the complex equipment and processing the results, I am not going to be satisfied with carrying out routine procedures under the direction of others.I want to be part of the team that directs the course of the project.My senior colleagues have encouraged my ambition and feel that I have the potential for graduate studies. She made sure we did as much practical work as was feasible, and demonstrated experiments that we hadn't the equipment or time to do ourselves. I remember the impact reading Maynard Smith's At undergraduate level, my interests became more focused.Although physiology and ecology came easy to me, it was biochemistry and cell biology that really captured my interest.