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When I asked the children if there were parental controls on the internet at home, they all said no, their parents trusted them.

They all admitted their parents had no idea what they were watching, and would be shocked if they did know.

According to the survey, the boys appear largely happy about watching porn - and were twice as likely as girls to do so - but the girls are significantly more confused, angry and frightened by online sexual imagery. With its frequent nudity and lewd photo spreads, I'd long been accused of being a soft pornographer, and after leaving Loaded I agonised that my magazine may have switched a generation onto more explicit online porn.

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As the presenter of a Channel 4 documentary called Porn On The Brain, airing next Monday at 10pm, I'd been invited to sit in on a forward-thinking class led by sex education consultant Jonny Hunt, who is regularly asked into schools to discuss sex and relationships. But when Jonny pinned their lists on the board, it turned out that the children's extensive knowledge of porn terms was not only startling, it superseded that of every adult in the room - including the sex education consultant himself.

To establish what these kids knew about sex - including pornography - he had asked the children to write an A-Z list of the sexual terms they knew, no matter how extreme. When questioned, they had all - every child in a class of 20 - seen sodomy acted out in porn videos.

Some of the girls were beginning their first forays into make-up. Everybody was smartly turned out in school uniform, and the most anti-authority statement in the room was a tie worn deliberately short. I was stunned they even knew about it - I certainly hadn't heard of it at that age - let alone had watched it and as a result may even have wanted to try it.

When Jonny pointed out that pubic hair was normal in real life, the boys scoffed, but some of the girls were angry that the boys' template of what to expect from real girls had clearly already been set by porn.

By the end of the hour-long class - and three others that followed with other children - I was profoundly saddened by what I had witnessed.