Phone number for okcupid online dating

After a year of being single, I figured it was time for me to get back out there and try dating again, but honestly, I did not know where to begin. I “met” a couple people who were interesting at first, but that quickly faded.

We did not have access to all the social media sites and mobile apps that we do now. So of course, I went to Christian Mingle where I met people with usernames like Boaz Lookingfor Ruth14 or Looking For My Second Cord35 (not even kidding).

Long story short, all these years later, I decided to try something different. Despite the biblical monikers, I was disappointed to find that most of the men were no different from the ones on Ok Cupid or Tinder, despite the “Christian” angle.

I like to try anything at least once, and since I spend much of my time online, I figured, why not online dating? I did get the occasional churchy dude who was too much for my blood, as well as the Sunday Only saints. Not long after setting up these different profiles and trying to give this new way of dating a chance, I found myself completely over it.

As I swiped left and right, I was not impressed with what I got.

I began to miss and even prefer the mystery of being approached by a complete stranger whom I found attractive.

I missed the few moments of discernment I had to use to decide whether or not I would give him my number.I missed planning dates rather than spending months talking online or on the phone, but never “seeing” each other.I missed the assurance of knowing I am giving my phone number to a genuine person rather than someone I barely know who I’ll end up curving eventually. I answered each question as honestly as I could, and I was matched with more than 200 “suitors” based on my answers. Those were just a few of the many questions I had to answer when I created an account on Ok Cupid.You spend hours filling out these profiles, answering so many questions about your personal business in the hopes of meeting the right person.