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It's been two years since Andrés Rivera decided to reveal to the world that despite having been born with a woman's body, he'd always felt like a man. With time he recovered emotionally, and in a coat and tie he succeeded in obtaining a position as an instructor in childhood education at Arturo Prat University (even with them being aware he was a transman), he participated in community projects in the municipality of Rancagua, and formed an organization to advocate for the rights of people like himself.But just when everything seemed to be going well, a new problem arose that has him now having to seek justice in the courts.

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But it turned out that on the first day of work the new chief of staff told me that she didn't want me on her team.They fired me for reasons of discrimination, and therefore I had to sue them," said the 42-year-old transsexual man.Did you ever think about not telling them that you are a transman? In struggling for the dignity of transsexual people, it's necessary to face these things head-on." I asked you that because you look very much like a man. When I came out, I had my breasts, uterus and ovaries removed, and for more than a year I've been using testosterone, which causes the growth of more body hair, made my waist disappear and made my voice deepen.But legally you're still a woman, aren't you? I'm working with a lawyer now to present a civil petition for a change of name and sex. This isn't something that one does along the way, or because one is abused as a child.I have problems with this all the time--at the bank, at the airport. It just means that one's brain developed with a masculine identity. I want the subject of transsexualism to be put out on the table, and I want the University to admit its discriminatory action.

It's a mess and I always have to walk around carrying medical certificates of transsexualism. The rector of the University of Rancagua, Claudio Urtubia, explained that the reasons for not hiring Andrés were purely technical.

"I met with him and begged his pardon if he felt discriminated against, and I offered him an arrangement to compensate for the time he spent developing the educational program he presented to us." And you can vouch that there was no discrimination involved?

Desde hace dos años que Andrés Rivera decidió mostrarle al mundo que pese a haber nacido en un cuerpo de mujer, se ha sentido siempre como un hombre. Al tiempo, se recuperó emocionalmente y de corbata y camisa logró que incluso sabiendo su condición de transexual masculino lo contrataron como docente de Educación de Párvulos en la Universidad Arturo Prat, participar en proyectos comunitarios en la municipalidad de Rancagua y formó una organización para defender los derechos de las personas como él.

Per justo cuando todo parecía fluir, surgió un nuevo problemo que lo llevó a acudir a la justicia.

"Postulé a la Universidad de Rancagua, fui a la entrevista donde conté de mi condición, me dijeron que se había aprobado mi contratación a partir de marzo y en el verano me dieron el horario.

Pero resulta que el día de la presentación oficial de los docentes, la nueva jefa de carrera me dijo que no me quería en su equipo.