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The gentlemen I met were agreeable and even seemed to expect it.

I also stuck to a rule of only meeting for coffee during daylight hours.This was my notion of a "pre-date." I also had an added advantage that I commuted to college so I could meet far from home without revealing the town I lived in.I have a strict policy of not revealing where I live to someone that I have just met.There is no way I would ever let someone I had met online know where I live.Online Dating: A Reason to Read the Safety Guidelines There is no shame in online dating.

I know folks who have had a successful relationship who met at an online dating site.

I know a couple of which is happily married from a

It is an ideal forum for someone who works full- time and lives in a community where it is not easy to meet people naturally.

It also allows the opportunity to seek out someone with a particular profession or interest.

I used to wish there was a site to meet a veterinarian.

The rules of dating have to be modified when making acquaintances online or with an application.