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Sir I have purchased a new Mtnl dolphin number on .Since then it's been 6 days but mtnl helpline 1508 for verification is not working. I have called for more than 50 times since then, the bell rings as much it can but I get no response.I bought this number for ₹125, either I want my refund with apology or let my number be activated. My alternative number is 8587976218 plz help me as soon as possible.

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i complained about it every time and most of the time no action was done to remedy it, sometime a call would come and they would ask if the internet is coming or not.

i would then tell them all about the problem, but they then still cleared the complaint as resolved.

one time an employee came and he cleared the complaint just by seeing the ADSL and internet lights.

he did not check the router and wires he again paid no heed to our side of matter, and was out of our house in a minute with our problems still persisting.

Thanking You Meenakshi Arora Advocate D-14, First Floor, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi-110013.

I've got up with certain problems in my internet.

I use to complaint it everytime , but today when i called up , they filed my complaint and after soemtime when their employee called me up to ask whether it is working or not , he threathened me by saying that "from now i would not take up your complaints then lets see who is gonna help you.

Let be your net stay undiagonosed for several days." Is it justified to threat up the customers like that?

if not for the absence of other service providers in our area we would have changed our connection long ago.

employees are rude and apathetic, and act like it's not their work so don't bother them.

at times i tried to file complaint about the employee behaviour itself but again there were no mediums or specific place to heed it. As enquired from Bill Desk the payment has been successfully updated on July 05, 2016 via transaction reference number GICM4580363743 for Rs.1321.00.. 1321/-- has not been credited in the account of MTNL date.