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He has a one week in-residence boot camp where they create a military indoctrination environment (0500am wakeup!

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"..key change was new a exercise regime started after I attended No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk." "I was inspired by the other women around me - they all became great mates as we all lost weight together..." "It was beautiful and also very tiring, but the end result was great..." "I'm going back to No 1 Boot Camp when we finish the filming of this series of Made In Chelsea. " Don't miss our exciting new range of No1 Boot Camp branded clothes and sports accessories available now !!I often get emails from people young and old about getting prepared for military training, and also from veterans who want to be in the shape they used to be when they served in the military.Here is a list of just a few of the many former military officers and enlisted who train civilians to not only lose weight and get healthy, but prepare for military training too. In fact many former military personnel of all ranks and services are now getting into the fitness business - myself included.Check out the list of veteran-owned fitness businesses around the country: The Sergeants Program - Patrick Avon opened one of the first military group training businesses in the U. Patrick is a former Navy enlisted man who has created a military fitness empire in the DC/Virginia area, catering mostly to overweight executives - he also gets several students per year who seek a career in the military.He has over 45 instructors in 35 locations, all certified with a nationally recognized program.

He also has his own outdoor boot-camp certification program.

Check out his site for his annual Jolly Fat Man's run/party.

SEAL Training Academy - SEAL Adventure Challenge - Former Navy SEAL Don Mann and Navy enlisted reservist Dr.

Steve Earle have created a week-long advanced training program (as well as a 24 hour SEAL challenge) that takes place 2-3 times a year in Virginia Beach, VA.

Everything from mission planning to log PT and instruction on Combat Swimmer Stroke, diving, and free-fall all get taught in the SEAL Training Academy. I often go and work as a guest instructor for the Academy and SEAL Challenge.

The SEAL PT Course - Jack Walston - former Navy SEAL in Houston TX and Central Park Manhattan NYC - has been doing SEAL PT for over a decade as well.