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Taking a mental health screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition.

PRACTICE EXAMPLES 5 Examples of practical initiatives to help people with mental health conditions back into work3.OFFICIAL REPORTS 9 Government reports and reports of other professional bodies relating to mental health and return to work4.RESEARCH AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS 11 Readily available online resources on mental health and re-entry to employment5.ORGANISATIONS AND INITIATIVES 14 Campaigns, information resources and organisations working in the field of mental health and vocational rehabilitation6.The organisational guide includes both guidance for keyworkers working with individuals, and for managers in implementing the model within a project or organisation.

One of the ‘points’ of the star represents the ‘work’ ladder into paid work or work-like activity.

Occupational Therapy in Vocational Rehabilitation: A Brief Guide to Current Practice in the UK College of Occupational Therapists report giving contextual overview, the role of the OT in vocational rehabilitation, areas of practice, training, and further reading.

Representing and Supporting Members with Mental Health Problems at Work – Guidance for Trade Union Representatives Advice on tackling common workplace mental health problems, the Disability Discrimination Act and employment of people with mental health problems, useful links and facts.100 Ways to Support Recovery - Rethink Downloadable guide for mental health professionals from Rethink, the severe mental illness charity.

INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYERS 17 Online resources to help employers discharge their rights and responsibilities 7.

INFORMATION FOR PEOPLE WITH MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS 19 Sources of advice and services for those wishing to re-enter employment Appendix 1 - GENERAL ONLINE MENTAL HEALTH INFORMATION 21 Some reliable general sources Appendix 2 - ONLINE SELF-HELP RESOURCES 22 Internet programmes (mainly based on CBT approach)Appendix 3 - RESOURCES ON SPECIFIC MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS 23 User-friendly online resources plus relevant organisations 1.

INFORMATION FOR PROFESSIONALSCollege of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section – Work Promotes the role of occupational therapy in vocational rehabilitation.