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It is used as a sweetener in various foods and beverages. Honey ( Shehad in India ) contains Potassium and Magnesium.

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a as in English come â (long a) as in far e as in bed î as in feel o as in note u as in full ai, ay as 'oy' in toy au is 'o' sounded deep in the throat ch as ch in cheek d and g are hard as in dog jn as 'gy' s as in sheer sh quite as in English t and d are soft as in French th sounds like t and h in boat-house (the h is "given air") The stress of long Sanskrit words should be on the third last syllable, but there are exceptions.

Among them: words that end with -anda (contain 'nd' in the last two syllables) have the stress on the second last syllable.

An end a in words and also in word segments (parts) may or may not be dropped.

Thus the alternative spellings 'paramahansa' - 'paramhansa' and 'ananda' - 'anand'.

Diacritical marks have usually been dropped on the pages of this site.

All these matters are more complex than a crash course may cover; it is mainly for starters. This well worked dictionary aims at explaining yoga terms to students and other interested ones.

Professor Grimes helps Western students with Vedanta terms by this concise dictionary. The author defines many of them and arrange them according to the Roman alphabet in transliterated form, followed by the terms written in the Devanagari script, and given succinct English translations and explanations. (1947-2012), was a renowned, independent indologist. Entries for the transiterated terms contain cross references and references to traditional sources.

The entries vary from a line to about one and a half page, depending on the entry subjects.

Consuming Honey before going to bed, aids the production of Tryptophan in the Brain, which induces Sleep. It is used to treat Redness and Itching of the eyes and improves eyesight.

It is mostly sweet except for Manuka honey from New Zealand. It works as a conditioner and provides nourishment to hair.

It is beneficial for damaged hair and cures Dry Hair. It fights harmful bacteria which causes Infection and speeds up the healing process.