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He may also pick up some valuable skills (musical proficiency not necessarily being one of them), such as how to work as part of a team, how to persuasively present creative ideas to a “committee” and so on.

Just be aware that like boy-girl infatuations, a teenager’s enthusiasm for a particular pursuit may be short-lived.

Until your child demonstrates a serious commitment, you might want to hold off on buying expensive top-of-the-line equipment or lessons right away, be it ice-hockey gear, a pricey tutor for advanced calculus or an expensive racing bicycle. Department of Education found that of eight thousand students in grades six through twelve, about half had performed volunteer work during the academic year.

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Often without thinking about it, parents fortify their youngsters’ self-esteem every day, whether it’s by complimenting them on a job well done, kissing them good-bye (assuming they still allow it) or disciplining them for breaking a rule.

But all of us have days when we inadvertently bruise children’s egos or simply miss an opening to make them feel good about themselves.

Here are some easy ways to help instill self-esteem.” observes Dr. Commend your child not only for accomplishments but for effort—including those times when it fails to bring the desired results.

In addition, let’s encourage kids to feel proud of themselves.

Pride should shine from within, not just in response to external approval.

Teens with low self-esteem may feel awkward accepting praise.

If that’s true of your youngster, then hand out compliments frugally.

Don’t slather on the praise so thick that it sounds insincere. Include him in everyday family decisions and implement some of his suggestions.

Boys and girls have an internal radar that tells them when Mom and Dad are merely trying to make them feel good. What does he think about the new couch you’re considering for the living room?

Adolescents love nothing better than to be treated like grownups, and they’re usually flattered anytime that you invite them into the adult excel at something.

Let your child follow her passion, whatever it may be.