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is a Spanish television series centred around the character of Paco Miranda and his family and friends in the San Antonio police department.

This is not your run of the mill police procedural but rather a by turns comic and dramatic tour de force of loveable and sometimes over the top characters that you can't help falling in love with.

In 2007 the show came to the attention of eager femslash fans when it introduced the character of Pepa Miranda (Paco's estranged sister), and soon thereafter began fanning the flames of a possible lesbian romance between her and series regular Silvia Castro (Paco's sister-in-law).

So if you're at all interested in finding out what all the fuss is about or you just want to know who the pretty people are in the headers and graphics, take a wander through the recaps and get acquainted with the people of San Antonio's police department.

(Episode and Series/Season numbers don't quite conform to what most of us are used to, but the recaps will be added in order, and any gaps, if there are any, will be noted) Who's Who This is a must read!

(outside link) Season 4 4x03-09: The introduction of Pepa Season 5 4x10: An Awkward Family Reunion 4x11: Love Autopsy 4x12: Silvia Is A Hot Nerd; Pepa is a thug 4x13: Silvia & Pepa = BFFs, sexual tension on the side Season 6 4x14: It's Not Easy Being Green 4x15: In which the potential for naked Pepa breaks Silvia and Curtis' brains...

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They take on multiple adventures and twisted happenings , such as kidnapping of Lucas's sister (Clara Lago) , dark intervention by C. Meanwhile , there happen various romantic stories , a loving triangle between Lucas Fernandez (Hugo Silva) , Sara Miranda (Michelle Jenner) Aitor Carrasco (Mario Casas) .

And Marian Aguilera falls for Laura Sánchez in a lesbianism relationship .Exciting and fun flick formed by 9 seasons , and results in an overlong series : 117 episodes , being one of the most successful series of the last years in Spain.It is filled with comical situations , thrills , love stories , suspense , twists and turns . He'll have to struggle not only in his search for identity, but also with his ... See full summary » Spanish sit-com where David awakes after being 18 years in a comma only to find his world completely changed. A group of kids and teenagers with superpowers end up living on the same house uand have to hide their abilities from the rest of the world and pretend they are a family under the parents ...