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La que se avecina es una serie de televisión española basada en el humor, producida por Mediaset España e Infinia y emitida en Telecinco desde el 22 de abril de 2007 con buenos registros de audiencia.

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La que se avecina debuted on Telecinco, and was later rerun by the same network as well as cable/satellite channels FDF and Comedy Central España.The series debuted on 22 April 2007, the show began to become much more prominent in its third season, becoming one of the most widely watched shows in Spain.Most characters in the show are stereotypical representations of different groups in Spanish society and occasionally pokes fun at Spanish politics.As of 2015 Season one starts with the arrival of the new residents into the new block of flats, Mirador de Montepinar.On the top floor, there are two flats, A and B: In flat A live the brothers Sergio and Joaquín Arias.

Sergio is an actor by trade and a playboy by nature, while Joaquín is an unlucky-in-love estate agent, constantly battling to keep his job and sell the show flat on the ground floor.

In Flat B live Javi Maroto, president of the community, and his wife Lola Trujillo.

As president, Javi is often inundated with petty complaints from the residents, who include his parents, Vicente Maroto and Gregoria Gutiérrez, who live below him in apartment 2B.

They share a floor with Amador Rivas, Maite Figueroa Espinosa and their 3 children (apartment 2A); and Germán Palomares, a defaulter whose identity is completely unknown.

In flat 1A live Cristina Aguilera, a woman whose wedding was recently called off by her fiancé, who ran off with another woman, and Silvio Ramírez, a gay man from Cuba who often poses as her boyfriend, and even as her fiancé in the final episode.

In flat 1B lives Leo Romaní, vice-president of the community who has an on-off relationship with Cristina.