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Giovanna is a bookkeeper in a company which packs chickens. First she starts being curious about a young man who lives in the block opposite hers, and then she falls in love with him.

The relationship between the two becomes much stronger when she starts to find out more about him from an old man who bursts into their lives.

For more about Facing Windows and the Facing Windows Blu-ray release, see Facing Windows Blu-ray Review published by Winner of five David di Donatello Awards, including Best Film, Best Actor and Best Actress, Ferzan Ozpetek's "La finestra di fronte" a.k.a "Facing Windows" (2003) arrives on Blu-ray courtesy of Italian distributors Cecchi Gori.

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In Italian, with optional English, French, and Italian SDH subtitles for the main feature. On the way back home from the local bazaar, Giovanna (Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Vincere, La bestia nel cuore) and Filippo (Filippo Nigro, ACAB: All Cops Are Bastards) meet an elderly man (Massimo Girotti) who can't remember his name or where he lives.Fillippo decides to take him to the police, but ends up bringing him home after he realizes that there is an important football game on TV which he has been planning to watch.Later on, after they have dinner, the elderly man falls asleep.In the days that follow, the elderly man slowly begins to regain his memory - or so it seems.From start to finish there is a degree of seriousness in it, but selected sequences - typically the conversations between Giovanna and her best friend Emine - have a light comedic tone which keeps the film grounded in reality. Bova's presence in front of the camera is limited, but he also leaves a memorable impression. It was lensed by Gianfilippo Corticelli, who also collaborated with Ozpetek on Sacred Heart (2005) and Saturn in Opposition (2007).

As usual, political correctness is largely ignored. The outstanding soundtrack by Andrea Guerra won David di Donatello Award (the Italian equivalent to the Oscar) for Best Music.

Presented in an aspect ratio of 2.35:1, encoded with MPEG-4 AVC and granted a 1080p transfer, Ferzan Ozpetek's Facing Windows arrives on Blu-ray courtesy of Italian distributors Cecchi Gori.

The high-definition transfer appears to have been struck from the same master that was prepared for the R2 Italian 2DVD set of Facing Windows which was released in 2003. Most close-ups are pleasing (see screencaptures #1 and 8), but there are traces of mild filtering that have a tendency to soften the specific shots where light is restricted.

He calls himself Simone and remembers someone he loved dearly.

Meanwhile, Giovanna, who has been frustrated with her job as an accountant in a small chicken factory, confronts Fillippo because he isn't eager to find out where Simone lives.

Late at night, she also spends time gazing at the handsome man (Raoul Bova, Under the Tuscan Sun, Baaria) living right across her.