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The man who rescued Stephen Fry from celibacy and helped him through spates of depression has been left devastated over the break-up of their long-time relationship, I can reveal.

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Daniel, 41, says he was heart­broken when he learned that Fry wanted to leave him for a ­considerably younger man.Now, two weeks before Fry celebrates his 53rd birthday, ­Daniel has been drowning his sorrows with friends.He was at a ­champagne party this week thrown by his chum, showbusiness agent and ­businesswoman Rosemary Reed, at the launch of her Macs hair salon and concierge service in Primrose Hill, North-West London.‘People say I got £1million from Stephen — it was nothing like that. ‘What really upset me is that Stephen is going out with a26-year-old, for God’s sake.‘I’m ­determined to go one better and date someone even younger.They think it's just going to be another usual summer, until mysterious things begin occurring all over town.

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­Joking apart, I am finding it hard to adjust.’Indeed, just a month ago, pals watched in dismay as Daniel broke down in tears at singer Al Pillay’s cabaret night at The Pheasantry on Chelsea’s King’s Road during a poignant love song.‘He left the room saying he was going to “have a blub”,’ a chum tells me.

On a brighter note, flamboyant dresser Daniel — he has a ­penchant for kilts and cutting-edge colourful clothes — has decided upon a fresh image to cheer himself up.

He has adopted a moptop ­hairstyle, and says: ‘I’ve got a new look and I’ve had my nipple pierced.