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Our present "Hispanic" culture is the product of all the traditional mores and customs of the original immigrants influenced by today's environment.The members of our community who represent the numerous countries in Central, South America and the Caribbean have each contributed an important amount of their own peculiar folklore, but it is the mutual exchange and interaction among us, as well as with the existing ways and means of the land, that has caused our culture has evolved beyond that of our respective individual ancestors.

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While it is still rooted in old historic events of national and even regional nature, it is now being fine-tuned by the no less significant happenings in this country and in this era.Our grandchildren will be able to tell theirs, that a Hispanic General was the commanding officer of all the allied forces in occupied Iraq; that a Hispanic bureaucrat was a candidate for California's highest office; that a Hispanic lawyer was appointed to the Supreme Court of the nation; that a Hispanic woman's signature was on the paper-money we work so hard for.Today's Hispanic culture is producing a whole new breed of bright and talented people.They are in the work-force front lines, in the graduating classes of major universities and renown colleges throughout the land.This never published before family photo was sent by Sergio Hernandez, (cartoonist in last month's issue) It is a picture of his wife Diane's maternal grandfather, Genaro Camacho, who danced with the Matachines.

Genaro on the right side, between two boys with Indian headdress. This photo was taken about the turn of the century in old El Paso.

Sergio writes: "What is interesting is that Diane's maternal grandmother, Aurelia (Martinez) Camacho was born in Ranchos de Taos (New Mexico), but was raised in "Vadito" one of the towns that is tried culturally to Picuris Pueblo and Los Matachines.

When we were first married we went to the funeral of an uncle who was honored by the Indios of Picuris pueblo.

They asked the family if they could bury him in the pueblo cemetery. However, the photo is of her grandfather who was from El Paso and did not dance in New Mexico.... Ana Maria Mc Guan Roxanne Molina Armando Montes Paul Newfield Daniel A.

So we have to find out if there is a connection somewhere? Olivas Maria Angeles Olson Quentin Olson Guillermo Padilla Origel Juan Pardell Alejandro Pelayo Rangel Michael Perez Peter Phillips, Ph. Susan Goodman Novick Lorraine Quiroga Marguerite Rivera Houze Andres Rivero Roberto Rodriguez Viola Sadler Jack Scanlan Braulia Schipper John Schmal Albert Seguin Howard Shorr Mira Smithwick Ellen Sweet Mark Vallen Carlos Villanueva M. this site as well." to an article on the Matachines. Ashton Jerry Benavides Bruce Buonauro Salvador Cabral Valds Ellen Calomiris Norma E. Megh Duwadi Darryl Fears Ken Flynn Lorri Frain Anthony Garcia Arnold Garcia Armando Garza George Gause Mauricio Javier Gonzalez Patrisia Gonzales J. Haskins Michael Hardwick Elsa Pena Herbeck Walter Herbeck Lorraine Hernandez Sergio Hernandez - - wife Zeke Hernandez Granville Hough, Ph. Inclan David Lewis Cindy Lo Buglio Luis Lopez Elizondo Gregorio Luke Juan Mayans J. Ian West Carlos Yturralde Hispanic Think-Tank: Hispanic Culture today is the sum of all the good and the bad from everyone of us in this country.