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There is no official Rainbow site because no one could ever represent the Family.The relationship between the Rainbow and the internet is a tangled and polemic one; some people would rather that no information at all about the Rainbow Gatherings was posted online while others are quite happy to create a Facebook page for each one. What happened to chance and serendipity and being open to all? another forum based around the community in Spain where news of Gatherings may be shared.

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this brother used to keep an up to date list of forthcoming Rainbow Gatherings but has paused for a while as he became a father.There are also some large groups on Facebook where you might get news of a Gathering: The Rainbow Family Group Another one The Israeli Rainbow Family Group The French Rainbow Family Group The Belgium Rainbow Family Group The Mexican Rainbow Family Group The South African Rainbow Family Group And, well, there are more but they come and go.Many Rainbow Gatherings are listed as events on Facebook and sometimes info is given instead via Yahoo groups.It’s all a bit crazy and chaotic but it wouldn’t be Rainbow otherwise!v.] His ‘chamber-fellow and bed-fellow’ was Francis Holcroft [q. Tillotson was not attracted by him, or by the school of ‘Cambridge platonists.’ In a letter to Root (dated Clare Hall, 6 Dec. He was never a hard student, and kept no commonplace books. Not long after, ‘in his fourth year,’ he had a dangerous illness, followed by ‘intermittent delirium;’ a sojourn in the bracing air of Sowerby re-established his health.

1649) he writes: ‘We have lesse hopes of procuring Mr. Goodwin for our master;’ the enforcement of the ‘engagement’ of allegiance to the then government ‘without a king or a house of lords’ was expected, and Tillotson, though he did not ‘at all scruple the taking of it,’ asked Root for his advice. He studied Cicero and was familiar with the Greek Testament. He acted as probationer fellow from 7 April 1651 (having been nominated by mandamus from the government).

Two vacancies occurring, he and another were elected fellows about 27 Nov. It was afterwards ruled that he had succeeded Clarkson in Gunning's fellowship; Tillotson ‘was sure’ he had been admitted, not to Gunning's fellowship, but to one legally void by cession ().

His first pupil was John Beardmore, his biographer; another was Clarkson's nephew, Thomas Sharpe (d. 1693, aged 60), founder of the presbyterian congregation at Leeds. in 1654, and kept the philosophy act with distinction in 1655.

If you´re curious about the recent history of Rainbows here is a list of the European Rainbow Gatherings and the American Rainbow Gatherings.

And you can get a more objective overview on the Wikipedia entry for the Rainbow Gatherings though it mostly deals with the American Rainbow Family.

Please also note that this book is mostly about the European Rainbow Gatherings.