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The stand is made of heavy duty steel and capable of supporting over 400 pounds, so even if you’ve got a double hammock you’ve got no worries.

The ends are protected by vinyl safety caps, and the whole unit is coated in a powder alloy that renders it impervious to weather conditions.

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Simply use the assembly parts – 2 wing nuts and hooks, respectively, plus bolts – to set the height you require.This option makes the Universal Hammock Stand the most adaptable stand in the industry.It’s also a breeze to put together: no tools are needed and assembly takes a scant three minutes.Our Universal Hammock Stand fits ALL hammocks without spreader-bars, such as Brazilians, Mayans and Nicaraguans, and it comes with a high-quality Mayan hammock.They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and when the image of a gently swaying hammock enters the mind, our thoughts are immediately transported to a place where relaxation and ease of living is the order of the day.

At Harbourside Hammocks®, we want your new hammock to be “picture perfect”, which is why we reject cookie-cutter designs that fail to inspire any thought other than mass production.

No, we don’t build hammocks one at a time, but we do “create” truly beautiful hammocks that are admired by the most casual observer. Quite simply, we want to enhance America’s leisure time by producing unsurpassed quality hammocks that feature a virtual rainbow of fade resistant colors, ultra-durability and stunning new designs.

The final product is then shipped directly to you from our distribution center in Clinton, North Carolina.

While many companies rely on countless, outsourced vendors in the hope that all the “parts and pieces” will come together in an “acceptable” quality hammock, we do not.

At Harbourside Hammocks®, we maintain continuous control of every step from the drawing board to the choice of raw materials to weaving techniques to assembly to packaging to final delivery to your door.

No more worries about finding two trees close together.