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But, she makes mistake that instead of her own son, she actually saves that illegitimate son.

He has a great fortune, from an orphan he becomes the successor of the biggest musical instrument company.

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She knows how to be happy in her poverty and she knows how to win over sorrow.

She lost her piano because of her poverty but she never forgets it.

Yoo Man Se Self-righteousness and egoistic man who was born in rich family. Finally he successfully made her his wife only to make it as the way to revenge her.

He demands her to be a submissive wife instead of pursuing a pianist career.

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Dos medios hermanos comienzan a convivir a los diez y doce años respectivamente; desde entonces comienza entre ellos una gran rivalidad y competencia por el amor paternal, el talento musical, el amor de una misma chica y finalmente, por quién heredará su empresa familiar, dedicada tradicionalmente a la fabricación de pianos.

Luego de un trágico accidente familiar, quedan bajo el cuidado de su madre (una figura de gran determinación sobre sus vidas) y su rivalidad se incrementará de forma trágica.

A pianist who traded dream for money She’s a perfect supportive wife who never complaints to her unfaithful husband when her husband brought home his illegitimate son.

She also endures her mentally disabled mother-in-law who hates her.