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Dreaming of being a a woman that successfully balanced Love and Work, Mahigashi Minami heads to Tokyo to become a teacher.She faces hurdles at work as a rookie teacher because students have no faith in her.Then she met this first rate sleaze that is everything she hated but somehow his cooking has seduced her?!

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Genki is a young teen boy who gets zapped into an alternate world called Monster Rancher (Monster Farm in the Japanese version) where he must stop the evil Moo which can only be done by ...See full summary » In ancient Egypt, an evil sorcerer named Scarab, kills the pharaoh's son, Prince Rapses, so he can become immortal.Entombed alive for his crime, Scarab revives in the modern world and ...See full summary » 3 years after the Digi Destined beat Apocalymon, a new evil has arrived. Using his Black Digivice and Evil Rings, he takes control of the digimon. See full summary » Digimon Frontier introduces a new universe in the Digimon fandom.And its in danger thanks to a evil monster name (wait for it) Moo.

The only hope being a young girl (Holly) and her childhood monster Suazo as they quest to find the Phiniox, the only monster who can stop him.Genki joins them ,of course, and along the way they run into other monsters they come across that join their cause.The animation is pretty standard anime and nothing to write home about. The one thing I loved about this show was it energy (which ironicly enough was what Genki's name stood for) and the fact that everything was straight forward and more over character driven rather then rely on too much on a gimmick.Five kids from the Real World have been called to the Digital World to acquire the "legendary spirits" to save the Digital ...See full summary » The Transformers' war continues in an older time, through a new generation.On pliocenic Earth, the heroic Maximals and the evil Predacons battle for survival against each other and against a violent planet.