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Christmas is a magical time of year, and setting out on a cruise during this season can ignite a number of new family traditions.

And whether that means cruising along the Canary Islands, or relaxing in Dubai, there’s no better way to beat the winter blues than with an indulgent cruise.Does the mere thought of Christmas make you feel chilled and in desire for some much-needed pampering? The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will offer you a Christmas like no other on the planet.With seasonal temperatures averaging 21°C (70°F) - you can spend the special day reclining on deck and soaking up the sun.And once Christmas is over, you can enjoy all of the wonderful attractions that cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai have to offer.From shopping, to sightseeing, and even taking in a spot of golf, there is no limit to your UAE Christmas cruise. Barcelona is a city that comes alive at Christmas - filled with traditional seasonal markets, town attractions, and opportunities to attend the the Reyes Magos Parade Barcelona.

This delightful festival celebrates the Three Kings of the New Testament - and features a range of actors dressed up as the Biblical magi.

It’s a fun, light-hearted even, and it demonstrates why Barcelona is such a wonderful city to visit during the Christmas season. Located on the West Coast of the Sahara Desert, the Canary Islands are another popular destination for those who wish to shun their wellies and bobble hats this Christmas.

With December temperatures averaging around 19°C (66°F), the Canary Islands are a wonderful retreat for people who want to enjoy the festive season at a slower pace.

Depending on your cruise package, you can expect to visit some (or all) of the following beautiful islands: Offering a fabulous combination of traditional Spanish culture, golden beaches, and world-renowned cuisine - you’ll adore a luxury trip to the Canary Islands this Christmas.

Everyone says Christmas is a time for tradition, but at Cruise Nation we love to offer our customers the opportunity for adventure and excitement.

Our excellent range of seasonal Christmas cruises are extremely popular - whether that’s voyaging around the Canary Islands, or travelling further afield to destinations such as Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.