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Just finished Red Ants Pants so friend of mine showed up @ our 5th wheel, pulled out his IPad and played 52 Vincent. I am encouraging the choir director at Bernardsville Middle School to have the select choir sing "May I Suggest" Is there a choral arrangement available? The Dobro player, Abbie Gardner gave a workshop on Dobro and I was able to get a seat.

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We look forward to hear you sing again at the Pants! I was in tears by the end of "sing to me" but i am confident there will be more in the future. On Youtube, when you sing "Do I ever cross your mind" at the Merlefest 2011 cabin stage, It is so vibrant, you must have someone in mind when you sing it. Thank you for being a special part of our memories this last year. Our family wishes You and Your Family the best Thanksgiving! I came about 6 hours before the show started and actually wrote a blog piece about clothes irons that I just published through a friends blog First learned of you when I saw you at a parish hall in Framingham, MA (? I love you all dearly and miss you so much Can't believe its been so long since Red Ants Pants! Cold Winter days go so much easier with the warm lush sounds from my favorite group of real Ladies. Again I will pay the babysitting fees if it takes that to hear you all again.

Just learned that you are still together, so please come back to Mass soon!

She plays so "clean" and tastefully whether she's taking a break or playing fill behind the vocals.

This is a very unique group with only 3 members - Dobro, Bass and Acoustic Guitar and absolutely awesome vocals and 3-part harmonies.

They produce a sound that is so full you'd never know they are only 3 piece!

Kinda reminds me of the time when I played with a road band that was only 3-piece, Drums, Bass and me on Pedal Steel.

Red Molly is definitely NOT main stream Bluegrass and I have seen some subtly "cutting" comments - obviously from diehard BG folks.