Christians sex and dating

It is very easy for Christian teens to get caught up in the moment and forget about any desire to stay abstinent. If you feel you have the strength alone to conquer any temptation, you are setting yourself up for trouble.

Sin is very tempting, and it does not always come with warning or stop signs. Man is known for falling into sin, especially when there is an overconfidence in the self.

Here are the top 10 lies Christian teens tell themselves when it comes to answering the question, "How far is too far? It takes a stronger person, or a person backed up by the strength of God, to resist temptation. In a world where sex is seen in every medium and condoms are being handed out in schools, what is a Christian teen to do when confronted with conflicting advice about what constitutes a sexual activity or abstinence? Doing something just because everyone else is doing it is just giving into peer pressure. While the media and people in school may make it seem like everyone is having sex, there are just as many Christian teens (and non-Christians, too) waiting until marriage.When you stand up to peer pressure you are actually saving yourself from committing sin while being a good Christian witness to other teens around you. Ask any Christian teen who struggles with having had sex before.There are a lot of emotions and spiritual struggles that come from having had sex outside of marriage.

It is one of the reasons God placed such an emphasis on sex and relationships in the Bible.Sex is a beautiful act that comes out of the marriage covenant, and it means more than just an action.Some people use the term "technical virgin" when describing their sexual status.Usually this means that the person has not had a sexual act that involved penetration. Virginity is not a state of mind, but it is the conscious choice to not involve oneself in sexual acts until after marriage.Usually this excuse is used if someone wants to justify participating in sexual activity.Sex and love are very different, but they are meant to complement one another. They are very different, and it can be dangerous to mix them up.