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The second time was opposite Tom Hardy in the Kray biopic Legend.

He's also due to join the cast of Outlander this year.After the DNA tests confirm Ivy’s identity, DS Lisa Merchant is as committed to finding the kidnapper as her detective partner Elliot Carne.But when a house raid uncovers some evidence that puts Ivy’s story in doubt, Lisa begins to notice the unusual bond Ivy forms with Elliot. Her breakthrough screen role, after being spotted in a You Tube short film, was in the 2009 Irish production The Fading Light, but she is more familiar to UK audiences as Rose Stagg in BBC crime series The Fall.Kane also featured alongside Skins' Jack O'Conneill in ’71, a film about the British Army stationed in Belfast during the 1970s.New BBC3 drama Thirteen – starring Jodie Comer and Aneurin Bernard – is streaming online and on BBC i Player from Sunday 28th February.

It's also airing on BBC2 on Sunday nights from March 6th. Ivy Moxam has just escaped from the cellar where she was held prisoner for the last 13 years.

After the police confirm her identity, she is reunited with her family and the hunt for Ivy’s kidnapper begins in earnest.

However, the two detectives on the case start to find flaws in Ivy’s story. Best known for having a love/hate relationship with Rae (Sharon Rooney) on My Mad Fat Diary, Comer also played the mistress who meddles with the family life of Suranne Jones in BBC series Doctor Foster.

In 2015 the 22-year-old actress also featured in Lady Chatterley’s Lover with James Norton and Holliday Grainger.

When Ivy went missing at the age of 13, Tim was her childhood sweetheart who had given up on ever seeing her again.

Now in his mid-twenties, Tim goes to comfort Ivy when he hears of her escape - but there's something he's not telling her. Most recently Barnard was the ambitious Boris Drubetskoy in the mini-series War and Peace, but his period drama CV also includes succeeding to the English throne as Richard III in The White Queen.