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Here’s a top tip – if you’re only interested in finding a Chinese wife, then block all other nationalities, especially the Philippines and Thailand.

This gives you peace from the many Filipinas who would otherwise waste your time.

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It’s also good that you can block women who are over a certain age, or who have a certain number of children.

These blocks will reduce the timewaster emails you get on the site.

It was amusing that I once got an email from a 56 year old admirer on Chinese Love Links – yeah as if I’d be interested in dating a woman 18 years my senior!

Sure, that was amusing, but it is irritating to login to a dating site and find out that 80% of the interests and emails you get are from women who are totally unsuitable for you.

Cherry Blossoms has been around for a long time, so it doesn’t struggle to attract members.

The membership base is always critical when considering a dating site.

Too few members and you’ll often struggle to find women you’re interested in chatting to.

At the time of writing Cherry Blossoms claimed to have 50,000 members.

The site is long established – the company behind Cherry Blossoms were one of the major players in the mail order brides industry before the days of the internet and online dating personals sites.

There are no shortage of sites where you can meet Chinese women seeking Western husbands.

So what does Cherry Blossoms offer men seeking Chinese brides?