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He breaks down and says that he was, but is still scared of what Lake Harmony would do to him.

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Plot summary A fifteen year old teen who has been dating his teacher is sent to the horrible Lake Harmony where he is abused roughly and teams up with two outcasts to find an escape route. Characters; Garret: A highly intelligent, fifteen year old boy whose rich parents send him to the abusive boarding school, Lake Harmony to try to fix his behavior, because he doesn't obey his parents every time.

He was in love with his teacher, he didn't go to school everyday and he wasn't very sporty.

But he just reached that what his parents want: good school marks to go to college.

; Pauly: He has been going to Lake Harmony for over nine months, because he was still thinking by himself; Pauly and wants to escape.; Sarah: Has been going to Lake Harmony for two years, whose father is a mormon elder and apostle, and will go to all costs to get out of Lake Harmony alive.

Rolled out in 2010, Stupid Cancer Boot Camps are community-focused educational and advocacy training seminar workshops as well as social networking support events for young adults affected by all cancers, as well as for their caregivers and providers.

These turnkey box events fill a niche and support communty outreach and development.Boot Camps are typically executed in partnership with a local cancer center or franchised chapters of organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.Boot Camp topics are specifically targeted to the young adult survivor, co-survivor or healthcare provider in their late teens, 20s and 30s.A fifteen-year-old boy named Garrett is picked up by a pair of bounty hunters and sent to a boot camp in upstate New York called Lake Harmony. Connor does not believe he belongs at Lake Harmony, but he is not allowed to leave until he has admitted his "mistakes" and conforms to the facility's standards of behavior.Upon his arrival, he learns that his parents have sent him to the facility because he refused to stop having intimate relationships with his former math teacher, Sabrina, along with other things including staying out too late, and smoking weed. Staff members are authorized to use "any force necessary" to alter his behavior, including physical and psychological abuse.After attempting to talk his way out with no success, he realizes escape is his only option.