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I'M INTEREST IN MEETING NEW PEOPLE FOR A CASUAL RELATIONSHIP, CAN YOU HELP ME? We welcome single parents and divorcees with open arms.

finds 15-year-old actor Liana Liberato, a knot of electric nerves in the role of Annie, waiting for “Charlie,” a 40-year-old pedophile who, for months, has adopted the persona of a 16-year-old boy during their online chat sessions.

When he greets Annie at her local mall, despite her initial shock, she’s eventually seduced by his manipulative charm and agrees to follow him to a restaurant and then a sleazy motel.

We think our prices are realistic yet represent commitment and we promise to work really hard to find your ideal match. All our members are ID checked that's one of the things that sets us apart from online dating, so please be prepared to prove your own ID at this stage. No, for a start you have to be single and committed to finding someone for a longterm relationship. We get to know you first and armed with our knowledge we get out there and find matches.

If we genuinely believe that we can find someone for you then we would love you to join us, we won't take your money otherwise. Of course the Little Black Book is stuffed with lovely singles looking for love and we're adding to it all the time, so we match this way too.

After each introduction we take your feedback on what you liked, what went well and what wasn't so great, learn from it and find you the next match based on this. We introduce you by email and call us old fashioned but we ask the man to make contact to arrange a meeting.

We recommend you keep the first meeting light, just coffee or a drink not dinner, don't put pressure on yourselves. No problem, put your membership on hold while you get to know each other.

Always meet somewhere public and don't go to each others homes. This can be up to six months with our six month membership and 9 months with our 12 month membership. We promise not to share your details or any information with any other companies.

Before an introduction we share your profile with your potential new girlfriend/boyfriend but no more than they need to know.We introduce on first name basis only, then it's up to you share more information on your date.Your profile will never go online, this in not online dating. Once upon a time matchmaking was just a hobby, at the wedding of one of my many success stories I was presented during the speeches with a leather Little Black Book and I said 'that's going be be the name of my matchmaking business' and it is!! Our member are usually (but not strictly restricted to) busy professional Londoners age 27-45.WHY WOULD I USE A MATCHMAKING SERVICE WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY DATING WEBSITES AND APPS NOW?There are so many differences between online dating and a personal matchmaking service, where to start?Firstly, we meet everyone face to face, so there is no adding a couple of inches to your height or using photos that are 10 years out of date here. Everyone in the Little Black Book is looking for love, that certainly can't be claimed by online dating.