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Too many guys are just not getting the results they want with Internet Dating. Are those the kind of results you want after investing that much time on the internet? Internet Dating SEEMS like it should be easy, but the reality is, it can be VERY difficult to meet attractive women online if you don’t have a proven automated system doing all the work for you. I am living proof that an average, VERY shy guy can overcome his own shortcomings and become undeniably successful at Internet Dating.

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In fact, I actually met my current long-term girlfriend online.If it wasn’t for the Internet, I never would have met her.It’s taken me years to get the kind of Internet Dating success that I’m enjoying right now!About 10 years ago I was in extremely bad emotional shape.Even though I was a reasonably good looking guy who some women thought was cute, it still wasn’t enough. I searched for Internet dating sites and I found a site called “Matchmaker.” Well, after scanning through some of the “women searching for men” profiles I was FLOORED! I tested hundreds of different profiles, headlines, and emails.

The thought of rejection was just too overwhelming! There were blonds, redheads, sexy exotic women, YOU NAME IT, all around my age and super intelligent! I already knew that women were very attracted to a man’s confidence as well as his sense of humor. there really is a realistic way to become incredibly successful with Internet Dating even if you have no experience — in no time at all! …And once you’ve learned the system I’ve developed for meeting women online that has saved guys like me hours and hours of frustration time and time again, not to mention the embarrassment of approaching women on the streets…I would come up with all kinds of clever excuses to avoid approaching women. So I quickly signed up, wrote up a profile, and started responding to as many ads as possible. So, I started crafting my emails and profiles to convey these powerful traits. It took a lot of work, (not to mention time wasted) but I was finally able to “crack the code” and narrow down what works with Internet Dating and organize it into a neat, solid, and amazingly efficient system!! you’ll never have to worry about meeting beautiful women again.In fact, every time I would see an attractive woman out on the streets or at shopping malls, I would frantically look for a wedding ring on her finger, HOPING TO SEE ONE because that would mean there was NO REASON to approach her and risk rejection. At first, my results were not very consistent, but I kept at it. I found a formula that was giving me amazing results EVERY TIME! Believe me, I’ve been in the EXACT same spot you’re in right now…I had just broken up with my girlfriend of two years.Sitting around the house playing video games was becoming all too common and the very thought of having to go out to bars and clubs to meet women was daunting to say the least.I was in my mid 20’s, just out of college, broke, balding with a severe case of social anxiety. I met her at work and SHE initiated the relationship.