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Alternatively, if you have turned 75 but did not previously purchase a short term licence, you can claim a refund on an existing licence for the completed months that have passed since your birthday.To buy a short term licence or claim a refund, call 03.

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In addition, you must be retired and aged 60 or over or have a physical or mental disability.

Wardens and housing managers should apply for and take responsibility for administering the licence on behalf of each person covered by it.

They can call 03 for more information and to apply.

Between the ages of 18 and 75 years old, many of us will spend up to £8,000 on a TV Licence.

TV Licensing have kindly given Rights 4 Seniors essential information that may save you money or hassle.

For a start, your television licence will be free if you are aged 75 or over. You need a TV Licence to watch or record TV programmes as they are being shown on TV. There are some instances when concessions are available however: If you are aged 75 or over you are entitled to apply for a free TV Licence.Once your free licence is issued it is valid for three years. Although it is free, people aged 75 or over do still need to apply for their TV Licence.To apply: If you do not have your national insurance number, call 03 to arrange to provide other proof of your date of birth.If you are not the current licence holder for your address and share your home with someone younger, you can still apply.Call TV Licensing as above and we will transfer your name onto the existing licence.If your 75th birthday falls in the year covered by your next licence you can buy a short term licence to cover you until your next birthday (unless you live in Jersey or Sark where the rules are different).