10 things star wars taught us about dating sites

last night and was amazed at the depth of wisdom and good advice that comes out of some of those characters.

Yoda is like an old Buddhist master, Obi-Wan Kenobi is like an experience Samurai warrior and so on.

There is also a lot of political pundit banter that goes on between the Council and the Dark Side.

One of the best quotes that ever came out of a Star Wars movie was when Obi-Wan said that our truths depend on our point of view. A logical proof that truth is not solidly existing is the example of water. The “truth” we cling to is not a truth that is the same for everyone.

This is something that my buddhist teachers in India are always telling us – don’t be so solid, stiff and rigid. To you and me a glass of water is something to drink. The reason I like this quote so much is because many of the wars and horrible acts that occur on Earth are because people cling to their own solid ideas of truth.

You see it in religion, race divisions, political party alliance, etc. The USA has a whole system set up to tell us how much we should be afraid.

If people took time to break down the dogmas that they had been fed they would soon see that truth is not truth for everyone and this would bring people much closer together. Some days we are supposed to be Orange level afraid, other days we might have to be Red level afraid. If we had no fear we would walk out on to the road in front of a Hummer with no second thoughts.

But the problem with fear, as Yoda points out, is that it leads to anger, hate, violence and suffering. We would do all sorts of stupid and illogical things.

However, the “dark side” type of fear is a fear that says that “those people are my enemies”. It upsets our mind’s and makes us stressed and anxious.It leads to categorization and pretty soon, like in many American’s minds, you are labelling all Muslims as terrorists. 99.999% of Muslims are peace loving people who contibute to our society in postive and wonderful ways. But because of fear many people label them ALL as bad. And the funny thing is – most of the time the fear is unnecessary. Do you live your life in fear and protect yourself from every possible thing that could go wrong, spending your whole life worrying about things that will probably never happen.Or, do you open yourself up to love and compassion and the goodness in human nature and life a happy and carefree life? Probably the best quote that ever came out of Harrison Ford’s mouth is the one you see above.Han Solo was a lone ranger, a true individual – hence is name!The wonderful thing about this is that he was fully independent and took care of his own happiness.The great thing about this quote is that it encourages people to change their own crappy situations.